Week 16 fantasy Rankings

by Douglas Menefee updated 12/22/19

Please follow me on twitter if you like this content. Then you will know when my rankings for this season and next are released. These rankings got a lot of traction so I am going to continue to do them but this website is actually about a football card game. You can check that out on the home page. Thanks for visiting and good luck in your fantasy championships.

The rankings here are slightly contrarian to the normal de-facto general ranking meaning there are spots I might not play it safe. I’ve included some useful data to help in your decision making and color coded the rankings by tiers. Use the rankings as a guide not a “Holy Grail” and adjust rankings based on your intuition after analyzing. Views are my own. Always be responsible.

Make sure to scroll down to the Key at the bottom so you can see how to read the data.

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With a high game total for the Seahawks and Cardinals game I am lowering my concern with Arizona keeping pace. Seahawks will be without Quandra Diggs who is out with an ankle injury that occurred last week which raises the ceiling of both Murray and Wilson. Keep track of Christian Kirk’s injury.

The concern over Dak Prescott might be enough to lower him a few spots. I have Dak in a championship game and unsure if I want to keep him in as a start. I will probably be starting Kyler Murray.

With Tannehill possibly having nothing to play for his expectation maybe lowered. Pick up Dion Lewis if you need him. If it rains in Miami lower the expectation of the kicker if their are winds.

QB rankings week 16

Condensed Qb

RB rankings week 16

WR rankings week 16

TE Rankings Week 16

DST Rankings week 16

K rankings week 16


Tiers Color Coded – You might not want to totally go off of actual rank but more off of tiers. The top tier is green and slowly changes to red.

Pass Rank – Pass rank of the opponent. Low means weak. Mid means middling. High means good.

Run Rank – Same as pass but with run.

RF – Run Funnel Defense which is better for running backs.

PF – Pass Funnel Defense which is better for receivers and QB’s

BUST – Likelihood of a bust performance. Low means low chance they will bust and not perform.

BOOM – Likelihood of a blow up spot/smash spot/boom high means high chance of improved ceiling.

Pace – Pace of offense. Fast pace leads to more plays leads to possible increased production.

OPP Pace – Opponents offensive pace.

OLP – Offensive line strength

DL – Defensive line strength on opposing team.

Team OT – Teams opening line total.

Game OT – Game opening line total.

Spread O – Opening spread.

Team UT – Team updated total as of article.

Game UT – Games updated total as of article.

Spread U – Updated spread as of article.