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The aim here is to try and bring high quality fantasy analysis without a paywall. The hope of course is you find this useful enough to purchase this little football card game, but are not obligated too.

Rankings are “opinion/stat” based and are open to interpretation. Use your own judgement and intuition and follow my analysis merely as a guide. This content is primarily for draft leagues. If any info is used for DFS, please be mindful. Even the best psychic might be 65% correct. It’s best to focus on single entry tourney’s if you don’t plan on doing multi-entry. 50/50’s are safer and one can spend less time simply doing over/unders or game totals if available.

Pre -Season

In-Season Week 1

Typically, but not always pick kickers that are on highly favored teams, high point totals, typically not major underdogs, playing at home, and not having to deal with major elements.

Overall Record – 244-185 56.8%
Playoff appearances – 23-10 69.6%
1/2 PPR 12-man – 127-65
PPR 12-man – 67-64
2 QB 10-man Standard (w/funky rules) – 45-47
2 QB PPR 10-man – 5-9

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