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The aim here is to try and bring quality fantasy analysis without a paywall.
Everything is purely and authentically written from my dirty keyboard using grammerly and does not use any AI or Terminator T-1000 programs. 

Rankings are “gut/analytics” based and are open to interpretation.
Use your own judgement and intuition and follow any analysis as a “guide” or reconfirmation of your own thoughts. This content is primarily for Full PPR/.5 draft leagues.
2 QB leagues are also considered in the rankings.


Typically, but not always pick kickers that are on highly favored teams, high point totals, typically not major underdogs, playing at home, and not having to deal with major elements.

Overall Record – 244-185 56.8%
Playoff appearances – 23-10 69.6%
1/2 PPR 12-man – 128-66
PPR 12-man – 69-64
2 QB 10-man Standard (w/funky rules) – 46-48
2 QB PPR 10-man – 7-9

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