created by
Douglas Menefee
artwork by
Nicholas Kareem Ayodeji


Douglas Menefee was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and enjoyed playing all types of games with family and friends while growing up. He set out to create a card game during the pandemic that would improve the mechanics of two successful games, Uno and Phase 10, with the goal of having a deeper strategic experience. Douglas wanted a card game that emphasized skill over luck that would be pliable enough for both casual and competitive players. He feels the market has evolved to where players want vaster challenges and parents want their kids to be involved in activities that improve their problem-solving skills. Doug studied film at Cleveland State University and Business, Marketing, and Finance at the University of Arizona Global Campus. He has worked as a military college advisor for active duty/veterans and their families. Douglas loves sports, film, holding boom mics, Back to the Future, watching an endless amount of detective shows, and believes the Browns will win the Superbowl.


Ayodeji Nicholas Kareem is a young graphic illustrator and content creator from Nigeria. He has vast experience spanning a decade-plus in graphic design and pencil drawing. He is a self-taught artist who enjoys creating and making art.

Game Purpose

The purpose of this game (life) is to create connections and fun experiences and give everyone an equal chance regardless of what cards you (they) were dealt.