created by
Douglas Menefee
Characters by
Nicholas Kareem Ayodeji


I wanted to make a competitive and strategic card game that was fun to play with family or friends. I wanted it to feel like it’s a classic card game that has always been around since childhood but is slightly more elevated in skill over luck to balance out fairness. If mixed in a pot, the game is a combination of Uno, Phase 10, Texas Hold’em, and a sprinkle of Spades with some unique twists.

– Dougy Fresh


Ayodeji Nicholas Kareem is a young graphic illustrator and content creator from Nigeria. He has vast experience spanning a decade-plus in graphic design and pencil drawing. He is a self-taught artist who enjoys creating and making art.

Game Purpose

The purpose of this game (life) is to create connections and fun experiences and give everyone an equal chance regardless of what cards you (they) were dealt.