created by
Douglas Menefee
Characters by
Nicholas Kareem Ayodeji


Super quick backstory. I grew up in the midwest – Cleveland, Ohio. Coming up I enjoyed playing board and card games with family and friends during downtime when the weather wasn’t all that great. Something that people in my city or surrounding areas can relate to. Prior to being locked down and during it, I set out to create a new classic card game, that felt like it’s always existed. I took a successful card game I loved, Phase 10, and wanted to improve its mechanics as well as have a game that offered a deeper strategic experience. Something that emphasized skill over luck that would be enjoyable for both casual and competitive players. I feel the market has evolved to where kids and adults want games with vaster challenges that make them think and improve their problem-solving skills. I would say this is a level up or two from the “classic” games we are used to, but still relatively simple. The idea for this was somewhat accidental because I was making a totally different football game and this grew as a tangent from my original idea. By chance, the football theme seemed to mix well (I leave that for you to decide) with rummy (pun intended). Also as a child, I always had an idea of adding unique flavors to one of my favorite games. Basically, I’m the kid you saw at the pop (or soda – they say pop where I’m from) fountains that would mix a bunch of flavors to come up with a concoction that at least in my head was grand.

– Dougy Fresh


Ayodeji Nicholas Kareem is a young graphic illustrator and content creator from Nigeria. He has vast experience spanning a decade-plus in graphic design and pencil drawing. He is a self-taught artist who enjoys creating and making art.

Game Purpose

The purpose of this game (life) is to create connections and fun experiences and give everyone an equal chance regardless of what cards you (they) were dealt.