artwork by
Nicholas Kareem Ayodeji


Blackcat is an astute hunter of all things and resides in the dangerous Fertile Crescent also known as the land of cats.


Blackcat is a bounty hunter in charge of detaining feline escapees from the Fertile Crescent who illegally traveled outside the city limits into the human world. He is also paid heftily to deliver critical messages to the domesticated cats that reside outside the city. In Catslanding, he helps police the unruly and assists in running the docks that import fish resources. His observational skills are astounding, but he has a significant weakness for sweets and naps. Word on the street is he has gone through 5 of his lives.

Thelonius Bluex “Blue”

Blue is a jazz musician who owns and headlines at Feline Dreams a club staple in the Fertile Crescent.


Blue is a cool cat who everyone seems to get along with and is the go-to Felidae that knows everything that’s going down on the streets. His club attracts all levels of society, and he can mediate disagreeable parties for peace. He earns an edge in knowing what is going on at all times to his advantage. Another rival club is pressing on Feline Dreams paws called Club Perrfect but has yet to draw the same types of crowds or popularity.

Rouex “Red-handed Roo”

“Roo” is a feline criminal burglar and an uncollared in the human world.


Roo is a cat burglar who has escaped the Fertile Crescent years ago and has created a domicile for “lost” cats and escapees, which she funds through her criminal activities. She runs her own club in the human world in an unoccupied building which is also the same place she houses these felines on the ferlough.


Tang comes from the ancestral bloodline of the Turkish Angoras which are considered untouchable in the Crescent.


Tang inserts herself in a human household as a friendly, sweet innocent stray cat that is seemingly lost and lovable. Once she is in the house and the humans leave, she destroys it on all levels, possibly for her own amusement, but she does have her own underlying reasons.