The following people helped me mold this game by ironing out its weaknesses through continuous testing and boisterous arguments that reduced gameplay friction and boosted the entertainment experience. Thanks for dealing with my incessant nagging to play; it will echo in eternity.

Ashuanta McCormick
Aaliyah McCormick
Danisha Peterman
Joshua Walker
Janiya Walker
Heather Fulton
Douglas Menefee Sr.
Margaret Menefee
Anthony Evans
Michael Hamel
James Lay

Nicholas Kareem Ayodeji

Graphic Designer
Nick Eriksen

Wendy Ferian

Virtual Playtesting
AJ Falk
Jason Tor Adler
Brett Kelly
Jeremy Lanasa

Brian Amstadter

Design Input
Wassef Kamal
Roger Callender
James Lay
Gerardo Garcia
Mavis Murphy
Venus Grady
Artivia Williams
John Moulagiannis
Aashley Devereaux

Website Design Consultation
John Moulagiannis
Bret Kelly

Lad Ferian

Project Management
Lynda Brown

James Stegmaier “A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide

Coaching & support
Dr. Glenn T. Jones
Judy Winston

Special Thanks to
Helen Roberts
Joe Roberts

First Print Supporters

Anthony Evans, Richard Perko, Oliver Hepp, Jason Richardson, John Moulagiannis, Joe Pulizari, Scott Ferian, Ebony Briscoe,
Jon-Micheal Nixon, Jason Wallen, Robert Afalava, Alfonso Guzman, Brian Amstadter, Barry Tuovinen, Thomas Clouse, Erik Bouvin, Benjamin Reeder, Soraya Stanley, Mike Ferian, Mike Parker, Glenn Jones, James Lay, Dion King, Remel Terry, Anastasia Thompson, Dwight Wilson.