These are people/groups/organizations/tv/film that creatively influenced this game in some manner.

Kenneth Johnson – Creator of Phase 10 rummy style game
Merle Robbins – Creator of Uno
Crazy Eights – Original shedding style gameCrazy Eight in-game homage
Rummy – Popular card game style
Spades – Trump cards/mostly black “spade” cards having power moves.
Texas Hold ‘Em/Poker – Bluffing
Stratego – Spies
Chess – In passing
Dennis Green – The Green Spy
Earnest Byner – Excellent running back for the Browns
The Cleveland Browns – Change of color cards
The Chicago Bears – Team mantra
Peyton Manning – Omaha
Franco Harris – Immaculate Interception
“Pop” Warner – Credited for Bootleg play
Frankie Albert – Credited for Bootleg play manual nod
Spike Lee – Blue Streak flavor text (omitted from the final version)
Tupac Shakur – Hail Mary flavor text
Kanye West – Immaculate Interception flavor text
Jay Z – Immaculate Interception flavor text
Dmx (in honor of) – “Uncle Earl” Character bio
Lil Wayne – Blindside flavor text
Stormzy – Bootleg flavor text
James Brown – Black Streak flavor text
Blackstreet – Handoff flavor text
A Tribe Called Quest – What’s the Scenario FAQ tab
Martin Lawrence – Blue Streak flavor text (omitted from the final version)
David Chappelle – Handoff flavor Text
Martin Luther King – Naked Bootleg flavor text
US Navy Veteran Donnie Cochran – Game character
Eddie Haskell (Leave it to Beaver) – Game character
Humphrey Bogart (Casablanca) – Game character
Game of Thrones – Immaculate Deflection Shield Valyrian Steel
My Blue Heaven (Steve Martin) – Blue Streak flavor Text
Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Manual flavor text
Ozarks – Box art
Doom Eternal – blitzkrieg/Run N’ Gun (game variation that isn’t ready yet)
Frito Lay – Red Streak flavor text
Cedar Point – Blue Streak flavor text (omitted from the final version)