“Steve Jobs once said, ‘Picasso had a saying — ‘good artists copy; great artists steal’ — and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas’ — I believe this to be true and we are remixing ideas that came before to try to make them better or just simply putting our own spin to it, like this quote.”

Douglas Menefee

The following are creators, games, organizations, actors, musicians, athletes, films, and TV programs that creatively inspired/influenced this game in some capacity. Or that I simply borrowed from.

Main Influence

Kenneth Johnson (Phase 10) – Creator of Phase 10


Merle Robbins (Uno) – Creator of Uno
Crazy Eights – The Original Uno in-game homage
Rummy – Popular card game style
Spades – Trump cards/power moves.
Texas Hold ‘Em/Poker – Bluffing
Stratego – Spies
Chess – In passing game rule
The Cleveland Browns – Orange wild cards
The Chicago Bears – Team mantra manual flavor text
The University of Arizona – indirectly coincidental flavor text/Wildcats
Dennis Green – The Green Spy
Earnest Byner – Excellent running back for the Browns
Herm Edwards – “Bring your “A” game.” a remix of “You play to win the game.”
Peyton Manning – “Omaha”
Demaryius Thomas – Game character necklace (last-minute addition)
Franco Harris – Immaculate Interception
“Pop” Warner – Credited for Bootleg play
Frankie Albert – Credited for Bootleg play manual nod
Spike Lee (Mo Betta’ Blues) – Blue Streak flavor text (omitted from the final version)
Tupac Shakur – Hail Mary flavor text
Kanye West – Immaculate Interception flavor text
Jay Z – Immaculate Interception flavor text
Dmx (in honor of) – “Uncle Earl” Character bio
Lil Wayne – Blindside flavor text
Stormzy – Bootleg flavor text
James Brown – Black Streak flavor text
Blackstreet – Handoff flavor text
A Tribe Called Quest – What’s the Scenario online FAQ
Martin Lawrence – Blue Streak flavor text (omitted from the final version)
David Chappelle – Handoff flavor Text
Martin Luther King – Naked Bootleg flavor text
US Navy Veteran Donnie Cochran – Game character
Eddie Haskell (Leave it to Beaver) – Game character
Humphrey Bogart (Casablanca) – Game character
Game of Thrones – Immaculate Deflection Shield Valyrian Steel
My Blue Heaven (Steve Martin) – Blue Streak flavor Text
Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Manual flavor text
Ozarks – Rear box graphic design
Party Down – Are we having fun yet? website
Doom Eternal – blitzkrieg/Run N’ Gun (game variation that isn’t ready yet)
Frito Lay – Red Streak flavor text
Cedar Point – The Blue Streakthe flavor text (omitted from the final version)
Steve Jobs & Apple – Box design/Aesthetics/Presentation/Professionalism