Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a variation in which individuals or teams try to capture a flag (included in your bench box) while still following the game’s rules. The difference is you can’t exit the game unless you or one of your teammates has the Flag


The Flag will start in a neutral zone, and players or teams will try to capture it and then take it from one another. 

First capture

The person who gets the first down will take possession of the Flag and will lay it down in front of them.

The upper hand

Starting the round after you capture the Flag, you get an extra turn every round until you lose the Flag. If you play a deadplay (most action cards), you will not get an extra turn.


Any of the following actions allows you to capture the Flag. Capturing the Flag is optional and can’t be blocked. 


You can capture the flag from any opponent by downing a set or a streak.


Hitting the opponent in possession of the Flag (wildcats can hit).

Playing specific cards

Playing a spy or an interception on the discard pile allows you to capture the Flag from anyone. You can use the action on an interception or spy and capture the Flag.


You can only get a touchdown if you or your team has possession of the Flag. You can secure the Flag on your last move if you make a play that allows you to capture it. If you have one card remaining and you or your team doesn’t have the Flag, you must pick up a card; you can’t discard down to zero cards. 


In a team game, if you exit with the Flag and have teammates still in the game, you will hand the Flag over to a teammate of your choice.