artwork by
Nicholas Kareem Ayodeji

Peter pigskin

Member of House Pigskin and youngest son of Betty and Coach Pigskin.


Peter is into comics and books more than sports, to his father’s dismay. He gets bullied at school and channels his superhero alter ego, “The Pigilante,” to help him cope with his villainous foes. He loves writing and is working on a novel called “Pigment of My Imagination.”

Ralphie Pigskin

Oldest son of Betty and Coach Pigskin.


Ralphie is a bad boar and a bit of a jock. He assists his Dad with his football camp “Grind or Rind” and is a skilled outdoorsman who slings in the mud and isn’t afraid of getting dirty. Don’t let his grimacing look scare you away; this pig has an underlying soft side.

Betty Pigskin

Runs the Pigskin household. Wife of Coach Pigskin. Formerly Betty Boaratheon.


Betty is a powerful, all-encompassing matriarch of her family with a strong will that keeps her farm town and family together. She may look like a homebody but is capable of holding it down and still letting loose. She has been overprotective of her kids recently because her brother “Uncle Earl” suddenly disappeared without a trace. Betty is ryde or die for her family.

Coach Pigskin

Father of Peter and Ralphie Pigskin. Husband to Betty Pigskin. Runs a training camp and currently serves as the Assistant Coach of the Farmdale football team.


Coach Pigskin is always on his pig’s feet, working tirelessly at practice, creating strategic plans, and whistling at everyone as if he is their personal Coach. Still, Betty has the keen ability to subdue his temperament. If you need someone to push you into being the best, this is the pig you want.