artwork by
Nicholas Kareem Ayodeji

Madison Horsecollar

Daughter of Henry Horsecollar and lives with her family in the town of Horse Rock. Her birth Mother is Abigail Poné.


Madison is a gifted horse and intellectually acute. She can spread or tail because of her family’s money. Still, Madison is self-aware of her monetary advantage and disagrees with her father’s sentiment on elitism. She hopes to end the horses’ privileged ways and wants to fight for a level playing field among all animals. She hopes to one day be on the council.

Charlie Horsecollar

Son of Henry and Beatrice Horsecollar.


Charlie is built from the same stable as his father. Don’t let his appearance and jock persona fool you. A spoiled bully who has a skewed grandiose view of himself and thinks he is a stallion. He lies and manipulates the weak-minded for his own personal agendas. If anything, someone should build a tall fence around him.

Beatrice Horsecollar

Wife of Henry Horsecollar.


Beatrice is the equinetessential town socialite who loves sticking her nose in everyone’s businass. She likes to think of herself as the mane attraction and owns a beauty shop with the same name. She adores her wealthy lifestyle and sits on the town council, making rules that favor the team of horses.

henry Horsecollar

Husband of Beatrice. Father to Charlie and Madison. Head of the Horsecollar Dynasty.


Henry is the leader of this distinguished family of highbrow horses. He comes from a successful lineage in which he acquired his wealth from his father’s business acumen and father’s father. This, combined with his own financial prowess, glue together his idea that his species are pure thoroughbreds and better than any other animal in their land. He has a disdain for what he calls “dirty pigs.”