Players will start at the 10-yard line. Each card represents a yard. Deal out 10 cards to each player clockwise; the remaining cards will create the pylon (pile of cards to pull from), and the first player dealt will go first. Any player that discards first will originate the discard pile and place it next to the pylon.

Ancient caveman drawings


When it’s your turn, you will pick up a card from the discard pile or the pylon to add to your hand. Then either discard or pass to the next player by saying “pass” or motion with your hand. 

Dead plays

Players can’t pick up cards from the discard pile if they have a dead icon in the bottom left corner (mostly action cards). 

Most Action cards are Dead Plays


If a player discards first without picking up a card illegally, they will pick up their card and lose a turn (called grounding). If a player picks up a card from the pylon when it’s not their turn, they will lose a turn and return any cards to their original position (called a false start). 

If you have no Sets or a Streak you must pick up a card first.