4-3 formation

To create a 4-3 formation, you must make a set of 4 like cards and a set of 3 like cards, by type, not color, and lay them down separately. You can add additional cards to your sets. Any card, including action cards, can make a set. 

4 & 3 are the minimum amount of cards but you can include more or add more later.

Downing sets

Is the act of laying down a set4-3 formation, or a streak. You can down a one set at a time, your entire 4-3 formation, or a streak by laying it down face up. You do not have to pick up a card if you obtain or down a set or a streak in the same turn. 

You CAN NOT put two sets of 3 down. It has to be one of at least 4 and one of at least 3.

First down

The player that lays down the first set or streak can’t have them stolen by anything until someone lays down another set or streak. Then players can steal anything on the board. 

This Shotgun Set can’t be stolen.

Both of these Sets can be stolen. If someone lays down a formation first then either set can be stolen.

Single set option

If you lay down just one set, you earn the option to bypass picking up a card only if you can discard on the discard pile or add a card to your set.