This is the first post in a series chronicling the creation of this game. Which simply is me discussing what I did weekly or monthly to put this together. I do not know how this part of the blog will turn out I am just going to simply write. I hope in doing so it may help others in some fashion or degree along their creative process or endeavor in anything they are trying to create. I personally feel like all creative projects are collaborated on in some similar fashion from its inception to creation and this process is universal. I am uncertain yet if I will keep this component separated from crowdfunding strategies. We will see but I also won’t to create a section that goes over things I may have learned from this process to help others achieve success or keep them from hitting similar pitfalls. Whether this project succeeds or fails hopefully some sort of lesson can be learned.

This being my first post on creating the game I want to back track and lead up to the point where I am at now first. This will be a quick “montage” of what happened previously like Rocky getting ready for a big fight on the snowy mountains of Russia with “Hearts on Fire” blaring in the background.

So to start off where the hell did this idea come from?

I am or was or am creating a separate football related game (which is a long story itself) that is currently on hold while I finish this game. I never intended on making board games or a card game I have a film background and film is something I’ve always had a passion in pursuing. The only thing that I thought that I would do with games is create a video game. At the end of the day all of these avenues are extensions of creativity and really go hand in hand. Not to go on a tangent, which I often do, I think people that like to do creative things can cross to different platforms to harness what they enjoy. I don’t think you have to stay in one lane anymore. Think of someone like Donald Glover. Very funny guy on a silly underrated sitcom “Community” but also a rapper/singer, writer and whatever the hell else the guy likes doing. I think you get my point. I would like to do film but even though a card game has nothing to do with that its still a creative outlet. I think anyone can use any outlet to get out their ideas. Tangent complete. So there was a lull last year when I was finding out the cost of materials for this other football game because it was the Chinese New Year and manufacturer’s and project managers were not really working which gave my mind time to think. Sometimes this isn’t a good thing because my mind starts to wonder like when you are doing your homework and its boring so you start looking up at the ceiling and think of a billion things that are more fascinating then Cultural Anthropology. I don’t know if I really hated that class I just pulled a name out of a hat. See how these tangents happen. Anyways during this lull I was trying to think of a way I could create a simple card version of my “football game” and somehow I created an entirely new game in which Naked Bootleg was born. I have always thought of ways of improving things whether it be films, or businesses or designs really virtually anything. I think this came from playing problem solving computer games in the 90’s I am not sure but something I thought could be improved was Monopoly. I think its not really a fair game and its all luck on where you land. Now I feel you can change your luck if you are familiar with dice probability combined with cash flow prowess but either way I think there is too much weight on luck in that game.

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