the cardmasters diary

My card has yet to be completed and another section has torn.  The gods must be spiting me for something unless it is sins of the father. I have fallen slightly sick as well.  The queen of diamonds is on her way to the castle to speak with my Mother about the ongoing feud that has arisen between my father and the king of diamonds and hopefully things will be worked out.  I will tell you my friends much of life’s quarrels dwindle down to a simple aspect of leverage over resources for the survival of ones people or immediate family. This fighting over control of people and implementing a system of classes is a way of seizing wealth and keeping it in the hands of the rich.  The rules are are suited to the haves and not the have nots. I reflect upon my previous discussion of the first man and the naked foot in the drawing I found and I wonder if whoever made the first boot to cover that bare foot received all the power among the people. It is quite possible that control over the boot was fought over and men killed. This is conceivably how the class structure started with the booted verses the naked booted. It would only be fair if everyone at least had a boot to work with. I wish my card was fixed by now and it is weighing heavily on me. Damn that Cardsmith!

– The Cardmaster

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