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2-6 Players (Play individually or on teams)
108 cards, 1 Capture the Flag card.

Warm up

Open the plastic wrap with the “Welcome to Naked Bootleg” card and follow the warm-up instructions. The “warm-up” is the best way to ease new players into the game. 

You will open up the first package and play with only those cards. This will acclimate you to the game. Once you feel you have the hang of it add the 2nd package of cards for the full game.


Quick reference guides for each player are in the bench box

The bench box houses additional items such as a quick guide and objectives cards for each player. This is useful for new players or spot-checking if you haven’t played in a while.


The bench houses three additional blank cards you can use as replacements in case one of your primary cards gets injured. You can also use them to create your own cards.