If you discard a fumblerooski on the discard pile and have downed sets, you will lose one of them to your opponent (their choice of set) only if they can add and want it. If they can’t add it or decline it, then you won’t lose a set. For example, you can’t fumble a set of three to an opponent if they only have a set of three. If your opponent can add one of your sets, you can safely eliminate this card by discarding it last or hitting it.


You can not fumble a set of three if your opponent only has a set of three.

The Fumble (Black)

The black fumblerooski has a negative power move so pay attention. If you discard The Fumble and have downed sets, you will lose one to the next player if they can add it or to the bottom of the discard pile if they can’t (their choice of set). You won’t lose a set if you discard it last, hit it, or stack it underneath another fumblerooski if your opponent can’t add one of your sets.  

Fumbling Disguised Sets

If you receive a fumbled disguised set, you will turn it faced up. If it is a bluff, it will be recognized as a standard set that you can add cover cards to. Wildcats in this set can still count against a player for scored games.