Godmode is an optional variation only to be played on game day of your team. Gameday could mean something unique to any party. In game day you will add the three helmet cards that are in your bench box to the game deck.

Once you lay down a set or streak you can lay down the Godmode card inside one of your sets “not as a wildcard” but as a protection card. This protection will allow you to not have any action against you and or anything of yours is stolen. If someone lays a pick six you can still partake in blocking it.

The only way you can dislodge god mode is with a helmet to helmet. Lay down another helmet on top of the other card then its considered dislodged. Or if the helmet Is hit three times. Players must lay the hit card on top of the helmet card. Once it gets to three its then removed and placed next to the pylon and will not enter back into the game.