Card Size – 63.5mm x 88.9mm 138 cards total.

I have all the vector files just need them laid out, spacing, font suggestion, color suggestions,.

General Cards – 2 of each. Two blue shotguns, two red shotguns, etc…

Only one of each for cards below.

2 Hail Mary’s, 1 Bootleg, 1 Naked Bootleg.

Back of the cards – Naked Bootleg, 1 capture the flag card front and back for a game variation.

Instructional cards front and back – 6 quick guides, 6 purple cards, 1 welcome too card.

Icon cards – These will be optional icon cards to replace the “art” cards of the pigskins, horsecollars and wildcats for those that prefer minimalist “professional” looking cards.

How the cards look in person