by Douglas Menefee Jr. 09/03/20 8:35 PM

I want to continue with the discussion of roster construction and go over two other topics which I am mostly going to discuss in the video if you don’t want to read. Your draft is going to be the most important part of your season so regardless of how much energy you put into researching if you don’t construct your roster with the right balance you will fall.

Draft Script

Drafts follow a certain flow or “script” based on players people pick because they too are constructions their lineup. So be mindful of who is taking what to help predict what they might draft next.


Also create your own script and play out different outcomes that you think best suits your position based on the platform that you are drafting from. Give yourself some options and alternatives in case things don’t go your way so you don’t become flustered or go “on tilt” and mess up your draft. Script out your entire draft or go through 10 rounds. I went over roster construction in the first video and how things went my way as well as mistakes I thought I made and others to help you avoid those pitfalls. In the video below is a 1/2 PPR league where things didn’t go my way but I still adjusted and filled out my roster I believe to the best of my potential.