The extra point has changed to a 2 point safety.
Keeping Score

As an option you can keep score in an individual or team game. Scored games will last four quarters (each quarter is one game). Tally up all points through four quarters, and the person or team with the most points wins. Scorecards are in your bench box.


Designate someone as the scorekeeper that will update the scoreboard at the end of each round.

individual games scoring

A losing player that fails to down anything will receive 0 points.

scoring for team games

Teams that fail to down anything will receive 0 points.

Disguised Sets

Disguised sets that stay hidden are assumed to have no wildcats so points won’t go against them.
Fumbled disguised sets that have wildcats do count as wild cats and points can go against you.


If a tie occurs, those players or teams will go into overtime for one more round.


Two-player overtime will follow two-player rules of removing pick sixes, handoffs and reverses.


For a two-team or two-player overtime, a coin should be flipped and the winner of the coin flip should choose who gets to deal.


If a player or team wins the first three quarters consecutively, they automatically win the game.