This is a form of stealing in which you can take cards from players or steal sets/streaks. To steal a streak it has to be the same color as the interception you played.


You can only take the next player’s set if it fits your formation. You can’t steal a set of three if you only have a set of three.

You can’t steal a set of three if you only have a set of three.


Instead, you can steal up to two cards from your opponent’s hand and place the ones you want in your hand and pitch the ones you don’t underneath the discard pile.

Your opponent is allowed to shuffle their cards before you pick them.

Power move & Audible
Immaculate interception (black)

The Immaculate Interception gives you the ability to steal a set or any color streak from the next player or steal up to three cards from your opponent’s hand.

In passing

If you steal a set or a streak during your turn, you do not have to pick up a card prior. Once you steal, your turn is over since you discarded.

If you steal a set/streak during your turn with nothing downed you are not required to pick up a card prior by choice.

Thief’s Gambit

If you steal a disguised set you must flip it over. If it’s a bluff, you must pitch it underneath the discard pile. If it’s legit, you will place it face up, and you can add cards to it. Wildcats will count against you in a scored game.

By laying a (color) matching deflection card after an Interception
A Deflection set or a streak has a Deflection card.
A Bootleg or Naked Bootleg set.
First Downs
Pro Sets.