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Clouds of Smoke

by Thomas Clouse USMC veteran 12/16/19 5:10 PM

A satirical look at Josh Gordon from a longtime Cleveland Browns fan.

Johnny Manziel and roll dog Josh Gordon have once again been reunited in the no-NFL club.  Johnny just sucks…and Gordon…well he just likes his weedies a little too much…and the PEDS in the rear…and maybe a little periodic snow showers in the nasal cavity.  Mr. Gordon received the news today that the NFL was once again placing an indefinite ban on his employment opportunities. We tried to reach Mr. Gordon by phone but when our phone call was answered all we could here was coughing and what sounded like a water bong…followed by some …”oh shits”…in between coughs. We reached out to John Dorsey for a comment, “Holy Shit! We actually made a good decision”. John was right and all Browns fans were equally impressed that the front office could make any sort of decision with positive foresight. Maybe things have turned the corner and the Browns will make decisions that land the team in the playoffs…..nah…hey Josh…pass me that bong wherever you are….I’ll just stoned dreams of the Browns as winners…and take solace in the fact that they didn’t fuck something up for once.

Editor’s note:

Back in the 80’s this probably came without explanation but we support Josh Gordon in all reality and feel the league should start catching up with the times. Especially if toking a little puff creates more suspensions then physically causing harm to someone. This will eventually change so you mine as well start on it now. Plus CBD is great for inflammation. Maybe the league needs to take a puff and relax. If its more then just toking we wish Josh the best and hope he finds the rehabilitation he needs.